Your true colours

When an item of clothing suits you, you don’t need to ask, other people’s looks speak for themselves. But when something doesn’t suit you, you’re sure to doubt yourself – but why? There are several answers to this question and three main ones: either your clothes do not suit your lifestyle, or your clothes do not reflect who you are or the colours are not right.

Before, I spent my time buying high-trend outfits without paying any attention to the fact that subconsciously I felt something was up. You see that fuchsia top you’re going to wear once you have a nice tan this summer? Or that magnificent white dress that illuminates your complexion when you’re on holiday? Well, no matter how beautiful they are, these clothes are false friends… hey, get out of my wardrobe, I never want to see you again!

That’s right, this is what I realised at my expense: there are no colours which suit just when we’re tanned. Colours that suit us are ones we can wear all year round. They are defined according to several criteria, like the natural colour of our eyes, our hair and the pigmentation of our skin. But they also reflect our personality.

So to find out which colours suited me, I did a personal colour analysis.  It may sound a bit like a chemistry lesson, but you don’t need a Nobel prize to work it out. In front of a mirror, under good, natural lighting, go through the clothes in your wardrobe. You will easily identify which are your natural colours, the shades which suit you best and those that just make you happy.

Since, I’ve sorted and eliminated two thirds of my wardrobe. Yes, those clothes were pretty but there was just something that felt wrong each time I wanted to wear them, no matter what I did. Today, I ask myself fewer questions when I get dressed in the morning and especially when I enter a clothing store. I go straight to the areas where my favourite colours are to be found. This helps me to save, and moreover, it makes the task easier when putting an outfit together – all my clothes mix and match. Suffice to say I can just let my creativity flow…

There are of course other tips for helping show off your beauty and shop without breaking the bank – notably, knowing your body shape (this way to find out more), dressing for your lifestyle and clothing style. They may be just a first step, but colours do make a big difference to our lives, don’t you think?


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