Personal Branding

Know yourself and be known

If life is a theater, best create your own character. And write your own future.

Creating a brand image that accurately reflects an individual’s personality, or corresponds to what a person wants or needs to convey about themselves… This, in a nutshell, is the work of personal branding professionals.

Self-image is conveyed through look and style, but also by how a person acts and communicates. Personal branding addresses all aspects involved in the way a person is perceived. Its goal is to allow each individual to stand out, make themselves visible to their contacts, express their authentic personality or, quite simply, feel better about themselves.


All personal progress is based on self-knowledge

Formulate who you are, or who you want to become, and then make sure you are perceived as such. Identify what is really unique to you, define and use the personal characteristics that set you apart from others and make you stand out from the crowd.

As a professional technique, personal branding is a specialization of branding, the domain of brand experts. As an approach, it implies real work on self-knowledge, more or less in-depth depending on the person, her desires and goals. It is consequently far from a makeover which is strictly superficial and based on a completely different – albeit respectable – approach.

In terms of success, personal branding helps you gain more recognition by spreading what we call your “personal brand”. It enables you to make your skills, talents or character more visible within an organization. It gives you the means to promote your projects, achievements and successes in your communication and on social networks, or to prepare a professional transition.

Cultivate a unique identity based on your skills, personality and distinctive qualities to achieve your goals, strengthen your reputation, gain confidence and influence. Personal branding allows you to build and reflect a strong and coherent image: your image!


I’m here to accompany you in shaping and developing your personal brand image. To help you strengthen your personal brand, I work on its different components, from your outfit to your overall communication. I provide you with a method that brings together all my knowledge and experience in three areas of expertise.

    — Complete analysis of your personal brand
    — Image assessment
    — Strategy and action plan
  2. IMAGE
    — Color profile, body shape
    — Makeup and beauty, showcasing your facial features
    — Signature style
    — Accessories
    — Dress code
    — Wardrobe
    — Shopping
    — Corporate identity
    — Print and digital points of contact
    — Digital strategy
    — Custom developments

Phases of personal accompaniment

I’m here to offer you different strategies, depending on your desires and goals (see Services). In all cases, I work with you and accompany you personally. A comprehensive process is carried out in three phases.

    You are unique, so it’s essential to start the process by defining your expectations, motivations and needs in order to implement the appropriate coaching program. With this in mind, during the first phase we address and define together (if necessary) what makes you different, your qualities and personality. This phase is the basis of everything: the identity we are going to create must truly reflect the person you are, or the person you want to be!
    Here we transition from theory to practice, so to speak. We get to work using technical tools (color profile, body shape, style, etc.) to begin actually accomplishing what we decided in the first phase. With the precision of these tools, we can start to make your dream a reality.
    Your new image is now ready to conquer the world! All your image elements, combined with your context, can now be brought together to create your identity and strategy. This can range from a signature image (dress code, capsule wardrobe, shopping, etc…) to global communication (social networks, communication materials, and more…).


Shall we get to work?

Do you want to manage the image you convey? Get the right message across, from the very first impression? Find yourself, or redefine yourself? Choose your strategy, and take control of your life now!


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