Long live the sales!

Hey there girls!

Pretty sad this “post-festive” period, isn’t it? After the end-of-year break, it’s back to dull, daily routine for everyone. To get your spirits back up and feel festive again, I wanted to talk to you about a topic very, very, very close to my heart — and I’m not the only one — THE SALES!

Buying and treating yourself during the sales is such a guiltless pleasure, I only have one piece of advice to give… Identify what you need, set your budget, hunt down the bargains and, above all, be good to yourself. For me, shopping is just a pure moment of pleasure so if you fall for a couple of items you don’t necessarily need, it’s not the end of the world. Since when did shopping need to be about the strictly necessary J?

That said, to be sure your purchases are worth it and avoid regretting them later, always prioritise your emotions. If an item makes you say “wow!” you will most certainly always be happy to wear it and you’ll never have reason to regret the purchase. Feeling comfortable in your clothes is the most important thing in the world, and that has no price tag (discounted or not).

Personally, this year I made the most of the sales to buy:
— a long, double-sided, camel-coloured, wool coat — a timeless classic. The good thing is I can wear it whatever the occasion. It adds a refined and elegant touch to any outfit, even though it only takes a few seconds to slip over my shoulders.

— high-waist vintage jeans by Sandro, perfect for my A-shaped figure. Wide on the bottom half of the leg, these jeans offset my generous hips — voluptuous curves guaranteed! It is definitely very important to pay attention to the cut. By choosing well-fitting trousers, half the job is already done.

— and finally, a pair of nude high heels by The Kooples, another timeless classic which can be combined with work outfits and also be your loyal ally on a casual-chic night out with friends. No need to rack your brains, you just can’t go wrong with these high heels. Plus, the good news is they suit all body shapes.

I also stocked up on tights (black and classics) during the sales, to wear with my dresses and skirts. I particularly like the brand DIM whose tights are very comfortable and resilient. When buying transparent tights for daily use, it’s better to stick to over 40 denier. Lower denier tights are better suited for evening wear. That said, nothing is stopping you from going for patterned ones. The must-have of the moment are fishnets. They offer a high-trend look worn with sports shoes, but also work just as well with a little black dress or cigarette trousers for a great masculine look with a feminine touch.

So there you go, I’ve done the sales. When I think of the savings I’ve made, I know I’ll definitely put these (fabulous) items to good use… What about you? What did you “splash out” on in the sales this year?


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