It’s all about body shape!

Between you and me, let’s admit it: how many times have you bought clothes that you thought looked fabulous but which ended up in the back of the closet with the label still attached? There’s no shame in it; about 99.9999% of the women on this earth have been through the same depressing experience.

I have in fact noticed that, too often when I was shopping, I had a tendency to let myself be influenced by the latest trends imposed by brands, to fall for the idea of being able to look like a fashion icon. “Chiara? Garance Doré?” “Yes, that’s me!” (pretending to saunter down the catwalk). So I was always on the lookout for the latest hit bag or current style. But even when you follow trends to the letter, the result is never as convincing as on Instagram accounts, glossy magazine pages or in the store window.

For years, I would fall into the trap, choosing on a whim clothes that didn’t really suit me. As a result, these outfits never usually got further than another try on in my bedroom. Until the day I understood that there was no point in accumulating piles of impulse buys without knowing who I was and, to put it simply, “how” I was shaped.

Identifying your body shape is without a doubt one of the most effective tips for revealing your natural beauty. It may seem simplistic but it really is what I have observed over the years. Once you have understood what your body shape is, no more pointless purchases or unflatteringly shaped clothes. You make a beeline straight for the right top, the one that will make you stand out, look beautiful and desirable. For each body shape there are clothing styles and shapes more flattering than others.

In my case, I started out by standing in front of the mirror and taking a good look at myself. Were my hips wider than my shoulders, or was it the lower half of my body that was slimmer? Was I more of an hourglass figure or a pear? Once I had observed my body, my whole perspective changed. Out with Chiara and Garance, I was finally being me: Ljubinka. All ready for my next shopping trip!

Do you have a similar experience you want to share? Write to me and we can chat. And if you want more detailed advice, I’ll be back soon with an article about which clothes are likely to suit your body shape. You can’t go wrong!


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