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How to spend a nice Valentine’s Day

Hi there girls,

After the end-of-year gift buying and effervescence of the January sales, why not just keep going? We might as well… because it’s soon Valentine’s Day!

Personally, I’m not a big fan and I don’t see why we should wait for one day in the year to declare our undying love for someone when it’s something we could say every single day… But on the other hand, it’s impossible to ignore the pretty red and pink displays in store windows. And even if you’re not a great admirer of Saint Valentine’s, why not use it as an excuse for a bit of pampering? Here’s my little selection of ideas and gifts to enjoy this special day with your loved one.

Be showered with gifts for Valentine’s with a fragrance (a great classic we never tire of!), body care products for an at-home spa sensation or makeup to beautify before an evening out. Here are the two products I’ve opted for:

Huile Prodigieuse Or – the golden shimmer dry oil by Nuxe
A real safe bet that gives maximum effect. This golden shimmer dry oil is perfect for nourishing and bringing a glow to your face, hair and body.

Dior Addict Lip Glow To The Max
This new lip balm is sure to become one of your very favourites! Keeps your lips fresh, moisturised and glowing all day and night.

Here’s another sure-fire Valentine’s classic to flatter your figure and give that special someone a treat. Seductive, provocative or charming and romantic, surprise your beau with a beautiful set of lingerie… guaranteed to make an impact!

My selection:

I discovered this brand via Instagram and literally fell in love with their collection. The brand’s universe, lifestyle feel and story had quite an impact on me and I could really recognise myself in these beautiful, sexy, strong-willed women. Each item is made to enhance the female body and there are so many little details – jewels, fabrics, lace – that make each item stand out from the crowd. It’s difficult to choose only one single piece, but for this article I’ve decided on a body. Both chic and sexy with its lace, neckline and cut-out back. The perfect lingerie for a romantic evening.

Princess tam.tam
A whole other softer and more romantic world is Princess tam.tam’s new capsule collection “A la folie” created in association with illustrator Agathe Sorlet. A gorgeous collection, both amusing and feminine. I’ve selected the little box of two ivory-coloured panties for you, perfect matched with the short-sleeved t-shirt from the same collection.

Cult films
If, like me, you’re not one for going out on Valentine’s Day, make the most of the occasion to treat you and your other half to a special evening in. And there’s nothing better than watching an all-time classic movie together – a love story, of course. So, here’s my selection (yes, I know – very girly, but I can’t help it if girls love romantic films ;o))

Dirty Dancing
This is one of my favourite films ever. Admit it, who’s never dreamt of giving that famous dance routine a try while listening to Time of my Life? You’ll probably end up falling over, but it’s the chance for some fun bonding with your own Patrick Swayze…

An all-time classic that you’re sure to have watched several times, but it’s impossible not to shed a tear or two when Kate exclaims, “I’m flying, Jack!”. It just never gets old.

Pretty Woman
I like this film for the story. It’s the modern-day fairy tale, a love story that seems impossible at first. How romantic! Sorry – occupational hazard – but I’ve got to say my favourite scene has to be when Julia Roberts tries on several outfits to the sound of the song Pretty Woman.

The Notebook
Now this is a romantic movie par excellence! You have to see this film at least once in your life; the very touching story gets me every time.

Gourmet treats
To make your romantic evening well and truly a success, don’t forget to buy a few gourmet treats like a bottle of champagne (my fave is rosé), a few strawberries and whipped cream, some chocolate… and you’re ready to sit back and relax in front of the film of your choice!

Have a great evening, you lovebirds!



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