How should you dress for work in the summer?

Summer’s here, girls! The sun is at its highest and the heat has arrived. Many of us will be planning our holidays while impatiently waiting for the day we can leave our desks and travel off to relax. But while we wait, seeing as we have to face the harsh reality (of office life, I should say), why not use this time to have some fun? Without forgetting those among us who will be spending the whole summer at work. So, for all of you out there who are still “office bound”, here are a few tips to dress professional even when it’s hot, hot, hot out there.

In summer, fabrics are your best ally
First and foremost, fabrics. Known for keeping its cool, linen is the first that comes to mind when we think of summer. Don’t worry about it creasing at the drop of a hat – this season, linen can give you a more stylish look than ever. By choosing a cute blazer with rolled up sleeves, for example. You’re sure to look elegant and cool.

My second choice is silk. It’s a fabric which adapts well to all temperatures. At work, it’s a sure-fire success every time – silk blouses and shirts match perfectly with a stricter skirt or trousers. Up to you to decide the effect you want to create: glamourous, classic or more casual.

Play with colours
In life, nothing’s ever completely black or white, right? The same goes for the colours you can wear to work. Of course, nothing’s stopping you from playing it safe and opting for classic business wear colours, especially if your workplace has a more demanding dress code (for all you bankers, lawyers and hoteliers out there). But for the most daring among you, why not try pastel tones? Depending on the colours which suit you (for some advice, read my article here), choose a coloured suit which will surprise your colleagues and make sure you don’t go unnoticed. And to be sure not to overdo it, combine the outfit with a simple white blouse and classic heels. It’s as simple as that, but makes a real difference to your day.

Never, ever forget the final touch: accessories
Summer, as in winter, accessories play a key role. They can greatly assist in revealing your fashionista side, even in a work context. If you have to dress in classic business wear, you could reveal a more rebellious side of your nature by adding colourful jewellery. It might seem like a small detail but, believe me girls, it’s those little touches that help to assert your personality and add something extra to your look.

My choice
To illustrate this article, I have opted for a silk dress by Sandro. This wrap dress enhances my figure really well while emphasising my curves (a perfect combo: style and comfort!). Its softly draping fabric gives a lightweight feel, just right for this summer season.

What more could you want? This superb outfit is available in two styles: a V-neckline dress for a more feminine look (professional, yes but with a feminine touch) and as a kimono for a more high-trend and totally alternative look. We love it!

Who said it was boring to dress for work?

Have a great summer, ladies!


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