Give me the Maldives

Hurray for holidays! It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year; a moment we dream about all year round. Especially if it’s a trip to the beach – both the chance to show off your lovely summer finds and to appreciate all those well-deserved little beachside pleasures. It was finally my turn for a holiday!

First, I had to find the perfect destination. I’m sure you all have a particular place that has you daydreaming at your desk. For me, that place is the Maldives – a place I love and will definitely not forget. The Maldives are absolutely FABULOUS and I’ve just spent ten incredible days there. Want to dream a little?

I discovered the Maldives just over two years ago. Before that, I had heard all sorts of things. Of course I knew they were probably magnificent but now that I’ve been there, the word just doesn’t do justice to my experience in that magical place. This little corner of paradise on earth should definitely feature on your “bucket list”. Clear blue waters, fine white sand and one of the most agreeable climates on this planet. To be honest, it’s the third year in a row that I’ve been going there to rest and relax. And, let it be said, it’s the ideal place to pamper yourself before facing the winter season.

Style-wise, the Maldives’ beaches are the dream podium for revealing your tanned skin and enjoying those scant summer outfits, but they are also great for taking photos and making your followers swoon with jealousy ;o). Plus, it’s not because you’re thousands of miles away from home that you shouldn’t pay attention to what you wear. After all, it’s you and your other half who get to enjoy the show all day long. This year for example, I decided to get rid of a few items of swimwear that did not flatter my figure. With this weight off my mind, I was ready for new adventures.

Talking of adventure, discovering the marine world was a huge revelation for me. Ever since I was a little girl,, I’ve always been afraid of the water and have never dared wander too deep where I don’t have a footing. But to go off and explore the world of Nemo, I had to take my courage in both hands. The result is a three-letter word: W-O-W! The experience was just simply incredible, so beautiful and soothing (well… at least until a shark shimmied past).

Chilling on the beach, wearing a pretty summer dress, a flattering bikini, taking a swim, diving under the water… it was all going to be perfect but to really complete the dream I still needed an exceptional hotel to relax and revive in… the HIDEAWAY MALDIVES BEACH RESORT & SPA. This place really takes the biscuit!! An isolated atoll with private suites… When you’re looking for paradise, you can’t get much better than this. Just imagine: we were staying in a small house on stilts with private access to the lagoon… We were also able to enjoy the Spa and its incredible treatments. And that’s not all. When it comes to food, there is something for every taste. The chefs of the four different restaurants offer a discovery of new flavours each day – you’ll keep asking for more (any thoughts of dieting can wait till after the holiday).

Ready to pack your suitcases? Take a look at the links and photos and then decide for yourself. And of course, if you do make the trip, tell me all about it!


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