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Choosing the perfect dress for your body shape

In this festive season of parties galore, you promised yourself that you wouldn’t spend ages trying on every dress in your wardrobe this year… “What was I thinking of?” I hear you say as you try on your umpteenth dress that seemed fabulous when you bought it and now looks like a potato sack! Worry not. By taking the time out to study your body shape, you’ll be far better at making the right choice the first time.

Your body shape is…

Pear (or triangle)
Your hips are wider than your shoulders – a lovely shape that catches many eyes! Opt for a dress with a belt or a seam under the bust. Enhance your excellent neckline with a U or V-shaped neck. For a more ‘fitted’ look, go for layers, volume or patterns on your top half. For the bottom half, avoid light colours and dresses that are too big or too tight. You have the same body shape as Kristin Davis from Sex and the City and Christina Aguilera. How about that, hey?! Be inspired by their look and go forth and conquer Hollywood!

Hour glass
Your hips and shoulders are the same width with a pronounced waist and magnificent curves… You’re just like Marylin Monroe, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Beyoncé! This is the ideal figure for a dress. Showcase your waist and curves but try to keep your proportions looking natural. Wear a V-neckline and make sure your waist is given pride of place. However, avoid high-waisted and oversize dresses as much as possible. There’s no need to overdo it, you have a great figure that looks fabulous even in a plain and simple dress.

Slim hourglass
Like your hourglass-shaped sisters, you have the ideal figure in a less curvaceous format. Which icons should you turn to for inspiration? Miranda Kerr or Blake Lively. While most cuts will suit you, you can add velvet or glitter to your look which will give more volume to your figure. Same goes for bright colours and prints. Avoid baggy dresses and turtleneck dresses, though.

Apple (or round)
Girls with an apple body shape, like Queen Latifah, Dame Judi Dench or Melissa McCarthy, have a wide bust and shoulders with a generous waist. Their hips are narrow and legs slimline. Single colour dresses enhance your femininity. Go for dresses with a seam just below the bust and show off your neckline with a V-neck. Show off your legs too! Your best choice is an A-line dress. Stay away from maxi dresses, all dresses which hug your top half and billow out on the bottom half, plus dresses which are just too big.

Rectangle (or straight)
In addition to your svelte, athletic look, your best assets are your arms and legs! So never hide them away when you wear a dress. Show the world just how beautiful your legs are with mini dresses or ones with a side split. Do avoid turtlenecks, baggy dresses and long-sleeved dresses, though. Looking for some inspiration? Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kate Moss and Natalie Portman are rectangle-shaped, just like you. Definitely style queens, it has to be said!

Inverted triangle
You most likely love to swim and are naturally sporty! Like Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz, your shoulders are wider than your hips while your legs are thin and slender. Opt for dresses with dark-coloured patterns on the top half. A high-waist dress which flares below the bust is ideal. Be sure to enhance the bottom half of your body with an A-line dress slightly larger than your waist. Avoid dresses which highlight your chest and shoulders, as well as sleeveless dresses and light colours on the top half, dark colours on the bottom half.

So, girls, which dress will you be wearing this Christmas? Check out my favourite outfits for each body shape below.




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