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Style – image in general – began to fascinate me as a child. But not in an obvious way! I was a real “tomboy”, as they say, for a long time. Fortunately, I also had a strong character, so I didn’t experience my doubts about appearance as some great suffering. I just thought, the girly world isn’t for me, even though I felt an attraction to it.

Stunning singers, dazzling actresses and the muses of famous fashion designers… Tall, short, brunette, blonde, funny or serious… How could they all shine with equal brightness, all be looked up to, when they were so different? It’s precisely in their differences that lay the secret of the most remarkable among them. What do they have in common? Knowing how to showcase and use their particular assets, those differences that make them unique.  Their attitudes, outfits and communication were consistent, forming a harmonious whole. They had a strong identity.

Little by little, I understood that grace, charm, femininity and its mysterious power were not reserved for perfect women, or women endowed with extraordinary beauty. The real key was knowing how to identify and value one’s personal qualities. My outlook changed.


By conveying my image realistically, without complex or complacency, I discovered what image meant. It’s a language. Little did I know then that I would make a living out of it.

A few years later, at the beginning of my career in publishing, I had the opportunity to work for a lifestyle and news magazine. I went for it! Trends, photo shoots, meetings with creators… Suddenly, I was in the midst of it all, and I loved it! Gradually, however, my curiosity took me elsewhere. While discovering and frequenting big brands, I realized that their colors and symbols made sense, told stories, conveyed emotions. Beyond the logo, beyond the name, each beautiful brand was a universe whose abundance and authenticity amazed me. Once I graduated, I decided to take a more in-depth look.

This wonder has never left me and for several years now, I have been a project manager at Essencedesign, one of the leading branding agencies in Switzerland. Designers, creators, leaders and entrepreneurs… I have the chance to meet remarkable, talented and inspiring personalities every day, and to learn from them. And every day, my work on the identity and communication of major brands reinforces my bond with image and visual language. It also strengthens my love for those “little details that make all the difference”.

A few years ago, I decided to create my own business combining my expertise in branding and my passion for fashion. My journey to you was about to be achieved! Today, I have completed this journey. I offer support to all people and companies who, for professional or private reasons, wish to improve their personal image.

Oh, one more thing. The most important element in the world of personal image is identity. It must be clear, assertive and authentic. I place identity at the heart of everything, and as the foundation of my work. That’s why my company is called LJUBINKA. Like me!

Ljubinka - Personal Branding

Everyone has a unique identity, I am absolutely convinced of this. The singular combination of a certain attitude, style, temperament and many other things that together make up the visible part of a personality… that’s what brand image is all about! In essence, it’s achieved by the harmonious and coherent combination of all these individual characteristics. It’s the result of the work we do, as human beings, to appear as what we are, what we want, to tell a tale and live our own story. Building a rich and authentic universe that faithfully reflects our own values and intentions, as the best brands do.

Unveiling and enhancing this identity is, for me, one of the keys to fulfillment and success, both in my career and in my private life. From image to communication, with style in between, my approach leverages different skills and unfolds in several stages, varying according to your needs or goals. In the context of more specialized assignments, I also offer my advice to professionals. This is how I help my clients reveal their potential and forge their own identity.

Get in touch, let’s create your personal brand together and get your project on the move!

A bit about appearance

There’s some misunderstanding, I think, on the issue of appearance.

People who take care of their appearance are often referred to as “shallow” or “superficial”. In my opinion, this reasoning lacks a little depth! Firstly, because appearance is always there, on the “surface”, whether we care or not. Showing contempt for appearance is therefore no less “superficial” than devoting importance to it. By consciously neglecting my outward appearance, I am also using it to convey something, a certain vision of the world. In either case, what’s on the outside is supported by what’s on the inside.

Think about it, is the truth less true if “we paye no atension to speling and sintacks”? I’m not so sure! What I am sure of, however, is that it does not make the message clear or easy to read. It is by clear form we show clear substance. In both physical and written expression.

Today, everything communicates, it’s a fact of life. Thinking about your image means accepting this fact, and seeking to use it to feel good about yourself and achieve your goals. Appearance plays a role in life, favoring a certain type of success, and a certain type of failure too. It’s a language with its conventions, its rules. Understanding these conventions and rules, and using them to your advantage… surely that’s a smarter strategy than pretending they don’t exist? Personally, I think the answer is “yes”!

It would be too easy just to say what a “superficial” person is not! So, to conclude, I propose a definition: to be superficial is to have an inauthentic appearance, to “disguise” one’s body or speech without any real link to what one likes, thinks or really intends to do. That’s what being shallow and superficial is all about. Wouldn’t you say?…

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