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As far back as I can remember I’ve always loved fashion. I adored choosing what to wear even at preschool…

Actually, that’s not the whole truth. I did lose my way a little in my teens. While most young girls dreamt of nothing other than asserting their style and turning on their womanly charms, I became a total tomboy. Comfort and simplicity were my mantra; my ultra girly future lay far off on the horizon. It was undoubtedly a way for me to demonstrate my strong personality.

Do be assured though, it didn’t last very long. At 15, I began studying at a major lifestyle and news magazine and that was the turning point. The world of fashion opened its doors to me and I’ve never looked back. Trends, photo shoots and meetings with designers became part of my daily life and I also began earning my first wages which meant I could put into practice what I had been learning during the day. After a few months, I knew all the clothing stores so well that I was helping the sales staff find what they were looking for!

And it didn’t end there. For several years now, I have been working as a project manager and communication specialist at a major Swiss branding agency. Brands, design, events organisation, photo and video shoots have encouraged my taste for the aesthetic and those “little details that make all the difference”. I’m having the time of my life!

You may be asking yourself why I’m here, talking to you? Well, I’ve had this niggling feeling for quite a while. Compulsive shopping, elegance and objects of beauty are all very well, but I’ve always felt there was something lacking… I want to share my love of fashion and transform this love into a tangible project, both stimulating for me and useful to others.

So, on one fine day of autumn 2015 in New York (where else?) during one of my many trips to the city, I had THE revelation. I decided to bring together my professional experience and my passion to offer a new personal branding service. As soon as I got back to Switzerland, I signed up for a training course and a few months later, I met Cristina Cordula (this way if you want to know more about that)… et voilà.

This website is my dream, my project, but also my secret little place where I will share my tips and advice, my best picks and the stories that have made an impact on me.

Sorry, I didn’t introduce myself:
I’m Ljubinka, nice to meet you.

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