Lifestyle | 14.02.19

How to spend a nice Valentine’s Day

Some girls love it, others hate it. Whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day or not, here are a few ideas to make this somewhat commercialised day a very pleasant moment.

Fashion | 16.01.19

Oscar de la Renta

Fashion | 17.12.18

Choosing the perfect dress for your body shape

We all want to wear a pretty dress this festive season, but how do you choose? Easy! Know your body shape to flatter your figure!

Fashion | 21.11.18

Welcome Autumn!

The temperatures may be dropping but your style is still sizzling hot! Check out my 3 essentials for breezing through the year’s most elegant season.

Fashion | 24.09.18

Revelations from the runway

Nothing like a good Fashion Week for some creative inspiration. Here are a few trends from the latest fashion shows to give you food for thought…

Look | 05.09.18

The perfect summer dress

Fashion | 24.08.18

Yves Saint Laurent

Fashion | 04.07.18

How should you dress for work in the summer?

Hurray! The hot, sunny days are here! Only problem is when you have to spend them at the office... Here are a few tips to stick it out, keep stylish and look professional.

Fashion | 29.06.18

This summer, we’re eastward bound to get inspired

Fashion’s not just about Paris, New York or Milan, so it’s time to head over to eastern countries to check out the new designers among the most high-trend right now.

Beauty | 12.02.18

Perfume, the essence of seduction

"A single drop of a great perfume can dress a woman," Marilyn Monroe used to say. And it's true. Style is also about scent.

Fashion | 25.01.18

Carrie Bradshaw

Fashion | 10.01.18

Long live the sales!

There's nothing better for avoiding the January blues than celebrating the love of shopping. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about!

Lifestyle | 19.11.17

Give me the Maldives

Spending ten days in floaty dresses, lounging by the side of the lagoon… Believe me, there’s nothing better for recharging the batteries. Fancy a little dip?

Fashion | 06.10.17

In the pages of Bolero

This summer, I had the privilege of hosting Swiss fashion and lifestyle magazine Bolero for an exclusive interview. A fabulous day of confidences and photo shoots.

Fashion | 30.09.17

Leonard de Vinci

Fashion | 11.09.17

It’s all about body shape!

After years of impulse buys, I finally took the time to decipher my body shape. My wardrobe is all the better for it since…

Beauty | 21.08.17

Good moisturising means great makeup

YouTube tutorials are good (once in a while), but for great looking makeup, I have a much simpler secret for you...

Fashion | 16.08.17

Coco Chanel

Lifestyle | 07.08.17

Cycling is the best! (no, this is not a joke…)

Yes, you can be a fashion addict and enjoy cycling. Although it’s not necessarily that easy to begin with…

Lifestyle | 10.07.17

Inspired by Cristina

Few encounters have made such an impression on me as meeting Cristina Cordula. My tale of an unforgettable trip to Paris…

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